I have had this blog now for about a year. My posts have been on a variety of topics, mostly psychology related, but pretty random in their subject matter. After much thought, I have decided on a new purpose for the blog. I want the blog to reflect my deepest purposes and convictions as a psychologist, which includes identifying, defining, and explaining the ideas, skills, and actions necessary to achieve and sustain happiness. My main goal as a psychologist has never been to just eliminate a problem or ease someone’s pain. These are fine goals and necessary for happiness, but not enough on their own. They are negatives, and the removal of a negative doesn’t necessarily lead to a positive. It only leads to a neutral state. My goal is to advocate for the ideas and actions necessary to have a happy, passion-filled life, and to be critical of any ideas, theories or actions that I believe are detrimental to this goal.

In expressing these ideas, I will not only write on topics of psychology, but also philosophy, politics, art, and culture because all of these areas can impact a person’s happiness and mental health (positively or negatively). It’s important to know how to navigate the myriad of ideas floating around out there to ensure your happiness isn’t compromised. I will always try to explain the reason for my views and suggestions, and why I am critical of certain ideas. I don’t claim to know everything on the subject of happiness, but will share what I do know and think is relevant. I plan to have fun doing this, and I also welcome comments, questions, or emails from anyone on anything that I post.

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