Dr. Orma’s mental health insight and expertise has been featured in a variety of books and national media. Selected press and interviews:

Featured in Women’s Health Magazine“Do You Stress Yourself Out?”

Dr. Orma quoted on NBC New York’s website: “Danger: When Stress Becomes Source of Pride”

Dr. Orma Featured on The Clean Slate Addiction Site

Dr. Orma interviewed by radio psychologist Dr. Ellen Kenner

(2/26/11): Overcoming Social Anxiety in Dating

(4/23/11): Stress Management: The Economy and Coping with Stress

(6/4/11): Do You Suffer From “Unearned Guilt” Syndrome?

(8/27/11): Going by Analyzed Vs. Unanalyzed Emotions

Dr. Orma quoted in MSNBC article  “5 Ways to Keep Your Commute From Killing You”:

“Some people think of the commute as a prison — stuck in the car — so change your focus and try to do something more fun,” says Steve Orma, a psychologist in San Francisco. Play your favorite tunes and sing, or listen to books on audio (finding out what happens to the characters in the novel helps you look forward to something pleasurable). Spend the time learning a language or listening to a work-related seminar. Some universities have entire semester courses available for free audio download. Brainstorm an idea for work or problem solve an issue in your personal life. “Find ways to occupy your time and change your focus and the commute will go by quicker and the ride will be more enjoyable,” says Orma. Read the full article on MSNBC.com

Overcoming Social Anxiety in the Dating Scene: An Interview with Psychologist Dr. Steve Orma:

“Social anxiety is the feeling of being anxious in social or performance situations. Anxiety is the emotion that comes from the expectation that something negative or dangerous will happen to you in the future. So, social anxiety in dating comes from having an expectation that something bad will happen when you date. For example, you might think: What if I say or do something stupid on my date? What if I get rejected? What if I embarrass myself when I ask her/him out? In addition, there’s the belief that if your expectation comes true, then it will be a catastrophe (which is rarely if ever the case).” Read the full article on AssociatedContent.com

Beating Holiday Stress: Six Experts Share Their Holiday Stress Busters:

“Stress is a normal part of life, because life is inherently challenging. We have many things to balance, such as work, relationships, kids, our health, etc., all of which create stress. A certain amount of stress is actually beneficial, as it helps us to stay alert, focused, and increases our performance. Thus, the goal should not be to eliminate stress, but to keep it at a manageable level.” Read the full article on Career-Intelligence.com

Featured as a Stress Expert in the book, “Your Mental Health Questions Answered.”

Contributed Marriage Advice in Jaleh Donaldson’s book, “Making Marriage a Success.”


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